Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sunset Redondo Beach, California
January 19, 2014

Redemption comes in many forms.  Even though there is sorrow today we never know what tomorrow may bring.  You see the sunset on your day and you wonder what the night will bring.  Does it bring the peace that you are in so much need of?  Does it bring your fears out of the closet?  Do you haplessly go about your business feeling that no matter what you think or believe nothing will be different in the morning?  When you prepare for sleep the night after that “long” day what are your thoughts?  Do you truly believe that the Redeemer hears your words and feels your pain or are they cast out with hopelessness and a belief that they are falling on deaf ears?

There is Someone out there waiting for your words.  He wants your words to call out to Him and to seek His answer for your questions.  You think to yourself that you have done too much wrong in your life for someone of such Perfection to listen to your words but He wants to hear them.  He wants you to know that no matter how much “wrong” you feel you have committed that He sent Someone to take your place in His Courts.

Picture the cross – One branch of the cross pointing from the earths to the heavens and the other branch spread wide open like your Grandmother waiting to hug you after a time apart.  You see He loves you more than your Grandmother ever could love you!  He wants you to come to His feet and put your fears and sins there and to be hugged by the Savior that went to the cross for you.  When you are in His arms share your hopes with Him and watch the “SonRise”

Sunrise Torrence, California

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