Monday, January 20, 2014


Trail to North Rim Grand Canyon
January 20, 2014

What makes a person set a goal in the first place?  Is it something they heard from a friend and they want to experience it or just something you heard about and realized that your life would be different if you attained that goal? 

Everyone has goals but does everyone have a plan in place that will help you achieve those goals?  I had a boss say to me one time – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.  I am not generally into Dilbert Talk but I always held onto that saying.  I don’t always follow through with it but as the title of the blog says if you aren’t learning then what are you doing? 

If you don’t fail or just make mistakes then how are you going to become a better person?  Peyton Manning is going back to the Super Bowl this year.  People talked of his legacy and how it would be tarnished if he didn’t reach and, quite possibly, win another Super Bowl before he retired.  The majority of people that say this have never played in one professional football game much less the playoffs where you are one and done, and least of the Super Bowl where only 1 team wins each year.

Do you think Peyton Manning never set a goal of playing in the Super Bowl again?  I am sure that every workout that he goes through has one common goal to it – winning the final football of each football season and being Super Bowl champion!  Let me tell you your goal is as big as winning the Super Bowl and you need to put daily emphasis on it like you were training to win the Super Bowl.

In the above image you see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon – a goal of mine was to hike to it from the canyon bottom and let me tell you I wanted to turn around many a time that day but kept pushing myself so I could see what it looked like and to be able to say congratulations Bill you accomplished one of your goals!

Don’t ever sell yourself short – you are capable of accomplishing that goal you have on paper or in your mind right now.  Put a plan of action together right now and Godspeed!

I made it - now to head back down!

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